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Supported Data Recovery Models:

MacBook, iMac, iPhone, iPad,

Laptop, Computer, AIO PC, Servers,

Memory Cards, MicroSD, SD card and others,

Data Recovery Service

TRIT Certified Technician specialise in Data Recovery services in Singapore. We pride ourselves in offering quality data recovery services by our Certified technicians at our recovery stores in Singapore.

It can’t be stressed enough, backup, Backup, BACKUP!

Your entire life – family photos, music, documents, business items, billing information, and more are all on your hard drive. If your drive has failed or you have accidentally deleted important files, there's still might be time to get it all back. TRIT Computer support routinely helps residents of Singapore recover their lost or deleted data files. ​


Do you have critical and important files you need to retrieve? ​


Have you accidentally deleted all of your files? Is your hard drive going bad? Did your files disappear? Did a virus get your files? ​TRIT Computer is able to analyse your hard drive or any other data storage media and determine if recovery is possible. We are able to work with desktop or laptop hard drives as well as network NAS devices and RAID setups.

Bring to us now! Your trusted data recovery specialist in Singapore.


Photo Recovery

Recovery lost photo from corrupted drive, deleted USB drive, memory card digital camera or computer digital image files.


Multimedia Recovery

Recovery images, video and audio files from damaged external storage or damaged drive from iMac, Macbook, iPhone, iPad, laptop, Desktop PC, AIO PC or any other device with storage media.


Storage Recovery

Recover any lost photos, videos, audios and documents from Mac device, Windows device, external drive and any other form of storage drive such as external HDD, USB Drive, SD card, MicroSD card, CF Card, memory stick, digital camera, phones and tablets.

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