MacBook Pro Repair

Services on Apple Macbook Repair with Liquid damage, Crack retina screen, Logic Board & Graphics repair, Battery & Keyboard.

TRIT – Apple Macbook Pro Repair and Service

TRIT computer : Macbook Pro – Logicboard repair

Failure symptoms:
No Power,
White screen with Apple logo.
White screen without Apple logo.
Macbook Keyboard key press automatically at random interval / laptop keyboard keys auto press problem.


The most common MacBook Pro damaged symptoms


Macbook liquid damaged repair

Spill water on your macbook, macbook got wet in the rain, water bottle in the bag leaked over the macbook causing no power and screen flickering issue? Water under macbook pro screen with ugly watermark. If you not sure what to do after water had been spilled, try not to connect to any power source of  even try your luck to power up, you might end up further damaging your Macbook.


Macbook no power repair

MacBook Pro suddenly dead and does not turn on the next day. Tried to power on by pressing the power button but there's no chime no Apple logo shown. Tried connecting the Magsafe charger but the charging LED light is dim or no light or in green light.


macbook no display repair

Macbook pro booting to a back screen or white screen. the screen doesn't  show anything at all but you are still able to hear the spin spinning or chime sound. 

MacBook Keyboard

Keyboard Replacement

Repair keyboard for all Apple Macbook Pro models.

Keyboard auto press, no responds, water spill, damaged keys.

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MacBook Trackpad



Macbook trackpad damaged repair.

Spill water on the trackpad caused jumpy reaction, not working or responsive issue.

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MacBook Screen



Cracked Macbook Pro Retina Screen Replacement

models such as:

A1278 2009 - 2012

A1425 Late 2012

A1425 Early 2013

A1502 2013 to 2015

A1706 with touchbar

A1708 non-touchbar 

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MacBook Fan

Smart Fan


Macbook fan with noise and cracking sound, full of dust, Fan service and replacement for all macbook models

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MacBook Battery



Battery is bloated, it is require to service or replace soon.

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MacBook SSD / HDD



Macbook Air and Macbook Pro SSD and HDD repair and upgrade with issue with question mark folder, unable to load into the system, stuck at loading bar, slow responds, recover data files suck as photo, videos and files from damaged storage drive.

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